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Disability Counselling for Couples:

A 6 week counselling session is available to couples who are experiencing new or ongoing challenges associated with one partner's physical or cognitive decline.  This can be a troubling time causing distress in one or both people.  The sessions are planned to provide people with results of testing so changes can be made in the home or the living situation to accommodate the ongoing needs of the couple:

* Week 1 and 2:  Individual Evaluation.  This is done individually without the opposite partner present,  including disability testing, environmental evaluation, cognitive testing, financial evaluation, and other testing as indicated.

* Week 3 and 4:  Couples Counselling:  This time includes discussion of findings from prior testing done, discussion of needs based on  the testing results, recommendations for next steps, provision of community resources for assistance.

* Week 5 and 6:  Summary and Final Evaluation (This may be eliminated based on perceived need):  This session may be done consecutively with prior sessions, or later at the discretion of either involved.  During the final sessions, discussion of next steps, challenges, and changes are discussed.  If modifications of the home are necessary or obtaining alternative living situations are needed, discussion about alternative choices will occur.  

Note:  It is useful to repeat the testing in 1 year if no changes are made as a result of the recommendations.  This involves a single session (or more at the discretion of the couple) to determine the rate of declining ability and increasing disability. Recommendations for hiring help in the home can be made based on the test results.    A single session for caregivers may be useful and is available upon request.  

Community Talks at Community Events:

Talks are available on a wide range of topics for community groups and health fairs.  The following topics have been presented to various groups in Southern California:

* The Science of Happiness: Are you basically happy? This 1 hour discussion may open up new concepts about your happiness.  There is actual science behind what makes one person happy and another sad.  The brain has specific regions that regulate your mood.  The science behind happiness, sadness, depression is actually multi-dimensional -- physical - psychological - environmental -cultural - religious....these aspects interplay to regulate your happiness.

* Impulsivity and the Brain:  The frontal lobe of the brain is involved in the personality trait of impulsivity.  The teenager in your home is likely to be impulsive due to the lack of myelination of the brain.  Do you or someone you love make choices on the spur of the moment?  Impulsive behavior will be explored and likely will open up new thoughts about living with an impulsive family member.

* Calculating Your Risk for Stroke or Heart Attack for Employees:  This 1 hour session is interactive and a great health-related topic for your employees.  With stroke victims becoming younger, bringing this topic to the attention of your employees is a wonderful service.  The course also includes modification strategies for life-style, healthy dietary choices, exercise, and recreational choices (smoking, alcohol use, drug use).  A great addition to staff meetings when combined with teaching noon time stretch breaks. 
UCLA Simulation Center, Santa Monica, CA
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