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Neuroscience                  Nursing, Ltd.
Nursing Education
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Neuroscience Nursing (NNL) is devoted to the elevation of the practice of neuroscience nursing through education of students, nurses, undergraduate advanced practice nurses and graduate nurses (Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Practitioners).  Coursework offered by NNL is accredited and provides certification for licensure renewal.  Listed below are courses which may be requested by colleges, hospitals, medical centers, and various healthcare providers.  Fee for service is available upon request.  

"Fall Reduction Strategies for Hospitalized Patients Related to Toileting" This 1 hour course provides insight in fall reduction related to toileting, which comprises >30% of hospitalized patient falls.  Traditional methods of identification of high risk patients and implementation of devices (alarms, colored socks, wrist bands, etc etc) are well known to be ineffective.  Often patients are impulsively attempting to get out of bed unassisted.  How can this be stopped?  Simply changing the nursing workflow may be the answer -- Proactive Toileting.  This strategy has been employed in a number of settings with amazing reduction results, sometimes as much as a 50% reduction in falls.

"Implementing Research into Practice for the Community Hospital"  This half day course will provide hospital leadership with strategies for creating a Research Council, implementing unit-based Quality Improvement, Performance Improvement and Evidence Based Practice in the medical centers of community hospitals.  A functioning Research Council is important for hospitals who seek Magnet Certification.  Curriculum includes strategies for leadership, inclusion of clinician and educator responsibilities, development of the individualized curriculum, implementation strategies, mechanisms for sustaining progress, and the research process using Lean Strategies.

"Strategies for Stroke Coordinators: Novice to Expert"  This full day course is divided into two, seperately accredited courses, each 4 hours long, and designed for Stroke Coordinators to introduce newly hired coordinators to the world of Clinical Practice Guidelines, Joint Commission standards, data management, reporting out compliance and remaining sane throughout the process!  Stroke Coordinator burn-out is common when preparation for the role is inadequate.  

"Impulsivity: How Does this Impact Patient Care?"  This 1 hour course is designed to describe the personality characteristic at a deeper level.  Inadequate management of personality features of impulsivity in a medical surgical setting results in patient violence, refusal of care, discharges without medical advice, high re-admission rates, and hospitalized patient falls.  Understanding the underpinnings of impulsive behavior arms the nursing staff with strategies to impact poor patient outcomes.  

The subjects below are specifically related to Neuroscience and may serve as a menu for you to choose to create a full day or half day conference:  (1 hour courses may be chosen as part of a larger conference)

  • Neuro Anatomy 101
  • Neurovascular A&P
  • Neuro Assessment
  • Neuro Evaluation in Time of Emergency
  • Brain Stem / Cranial Nerve Assessment
  • Learning the NIHSS (Stroke Scale)
  • Spinal Assessment:  Spinal Cord & Peripheral Nerves
  • Cerebral Infections: Bacterial and Viral
  • Increased Intracranial Pressure: Strategies for Management
  • MRI & CT Interpretation for the Advance Practice Nurse
  • Seizures: Presentation, Emergency Management & Treatment
  • Dementia and Other Cognitive Disorders
  • Degenerating Neurological Disorders (i.e. Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Palliative Issues in the Neuroscience Patient
  • Stroke: Ischemic Stroke & TIA
  • Stroke: Hemorrhagic Stroke (ICH, SAH)
  • Cerebral Trauma / Penetrating Injury
  • Spine Trauma, Quadriplegia and Paraplegia in the Early Hours
  • Coma Recovery
  • Neuro Deterioration / Cerebral Herniation
Neuroscience Nursing is a California certified Continuing Education Provider.