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Neuroscience               Nursing, Ltd.
Coursework offered by Neuroscience Nursing is high quality education offered by Pamela Nye, RN, MS, CNS-BC, CNRN, SCRN, ENLS, in a comprehensive manner.  Audience participation is encouraged, hands on methodology is used when appropriate.  Continuing education units are awarded in keeping with the standards of the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). 

  •                         :  The education component of this course is designed for Stroke Coordinators.  It                                   contains the practicalities needed in everyday practice for successful Joint                            Commission reviews through organization of data, performance improvement, and  quality management techniques. Advanced Neuro Anatomy will be included with emphasis on internal portions of the brain (i.e. diencephalon). The basics of interpretation of non-contrast CT and MRI will be included.  Teaching strategies for adults are important for nurse and patient education, also physician guidance (particularly when residents are involved in treatment).  Basic skill review of Excel with hands on lab is also included.  Nurses are encouraged to bring laptops for this course. (See https://operationscrubs.org / Password: scrubs)

  • Stroke Management for the Practicing Nurse:  With the changing nurse workforce, young nurses are entering the profession in larger numbers than ever.  Keeping all nurses abreast of the basic and advanced concepts in stroke management is essential to meet the needs of nurses practicing in the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Stroke Unit and other important departments.  Nurses who practice in Interventional Radiology, Emergency Transport, Post Anesthesia Care Units, and Clinics will find this course useful.  The elements of the course include:

  • Neurovascular Anatomy including flow regions
  • Evaluation of Stroke by NIHSS, mRankin Scores, Hunt and Hess Scoring and Glasgow Coma Scale
  • Differentiation of medical and nursing management associated with ischemic & hemorrhagic strokes
  • Incidence and etiology are discussed, including American regional influences on stroke prevalence
  • Procedures associated in the medical management and treatment of strokes
  • Stroke standards, quality programs, and credentially;

  • Entrepreneurial Nursing:  So You Want to Start Your Own Business:  This half day course is designed for the nurse who wants to venture into the world of business.  Advice and guidance through education is given to prepare beginning nurse entrepreneurs.  Concepts introduced will include:

  • Rules and restrictions imposed in the state of California for small business owners
  • Innovation, futuristic orientation, niche opportunities and evaluating the success
  • Identification of resources and financial investment
  • Basics of grant writing
  • Selling Yourself: Marketing and Advertising