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    So, how did I get from UCSF, to Cedars, to UCLA and Neuroscience Nursing?  I've always wanted to educate nurses, even as I graduated from nursing school, way back. 

    One of my early mentors, Helen Ripple at UCSF, told me once, "A really good Clinical Nurse Specialist teaches herself out of a job."  I believe that. I've also been told I can make the difficult concepts of neuroscience understandable. I take that as the highest compliment.  

      Today, I'm a nurse entrepreneur -- devoting myself to educating nurses, honoring their work and helping them pay for furthering their education.  

   If you are someone, or a company who would consider joining, or becoming involved with my Operation Scrubs symposium programs, let's start with an email. Tell me about yourself and leave a message.
     Better yet, pick up the phone and give me a call at (800) 627-6156, Ext. 802. 
P.S.  ... and when I'm not working, I'm turning some of my "bucket list" thoughts into actual experiences: 
Zip Lining ... My first Horse Race ,,, Sky Diving ... Taste of  Rattlesnake...
Big Bad Vodoo Daddy Concert guest ...
Fastest lap in Richard Petty's NASCAR: 137 mph ...
Rogue River salmon catchin' 
   This link lets you access a comprehensive "About Me" file that chronicles my education, teaching and work experiences.  
​Dog Lover: 
     Chico & Rascal (left) were my best furry friends, they've crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Cooper (right) is the new baby -- all are King Charles Cavaliers.
~"Iowa nice" (Google it)
~Born, raised, Iowa educated 
   So, facts about me:
~Lover of Tom Hanks' work
~Afraid of grasshoppers (yikes)
~Love life, but not afraid to die
~Favorite color seafoam green
How I Got Here:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Fresno, California: 

                                         1,933 miles by Mazda RX-7 via highways I-380, 80, 76, 15, CA-58  and 99! 

After that: