"This website was created to communicate with, and continually say Thank You to Nurses - The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare!
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Neuroscience                  Nursing, Ltd.
This "About" page summarizes Neuroscience Nursing, Inc.'s purpose, objectives and and the vision for NNL's future success.
       This link lets you access a comprehensive  "About Me" file that chronicles my education, teaching and work experiences.  
        What it doesn't reveal is my
growing up in a small Iowa town;
ignoring the warnings about Calif-
ornia earthquakes; driving 3,000 
miles with no job waiting; no place 
to live; and only $1,500 in savings!
        Fast forward to today, the
end result was my having 
been blessed with so many
opportunities to achieve, living 
a good, healthy, productive and comfortable life. I've also achieved all of my career goals ... and then some.
Until next time ... 
   Something else not ex-plained were my two male companions, Rascal and 
Chico, giving much needed comfort and inspiration dur-ing those early California adjustment years.
   Neither does it explain the decision to retire from 
my wonderful Stroke Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Specialist position at UCLA Santa Monica  Hospital, or the decision to reestablish my Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd. symposium business. 
    Simply put, I wanted to use my remaining pro-ductive years pursuing the never ending challenge of making a difference in other nurses lives.  I want to  "pay forward" as the saying goes, by helping others to benefit from my diverse nursing experiences. I also want to champion an ongoing public awareness message about nurses as the unsung, humble heroes of healthcare.
       Moreover, from my symposiums, seminars, public speaking and publication efforts, my plan is to donate 100% of all audited net revenue to fund advanced education for nurses through scholarships.
   Last, I'm hoping to pioneer some unique, informative approaches to both nurse-related teaching and learning -- and have some fun doing it!
   If you are someone, or a company who would consider joining, or becoming involved with my OPERATION: Scrubs symposium programs, let's start with an email. Tell me about yourself and leave a message.
     Better yet, pick up the phone and give me a call at (800) 627-6156, Ext. 801. 
P.S.  ... and when  I'm not working, I've been turning some of my "bucket list" thoughts into actual experiences: 
Zip Lining ... My first Horse Race ,,, Sky Diving ... Taste of  Rattlesnake ,,,
Big Bad Vodoo Daddy Concert guest ...
Fastest lap in Richard Petty's NASCAR: 137 mph
... Deep sea catchin' ...