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Pamela Jane Nye 🔹 Founder/CEO
23823 Malibu Drive, # 50416, Malibu CA 90365
T: (800) 627-6156, Ext. 801
E: [email protected]
"In the beginning ... God created man and woman ..." - The Bible/Book of Genesis
"Then God took the strongest men and women and made them nurses!"- Book of Pam
         Hi, I’m Pamela Nye, CEO of Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd. and CEO/Board Chair/Executive Director of Operation Scrubs, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt education-providing organization. 

         I am an Associate Professor teaching in the Nurse Practitioner Program for the UCLA School of Nursing.  If you're  interested, this link will provide a comprehensive summary of my nursing work, education and teaching journey.

        My company is in the process of working with some of the most distinguished nursing organizations in the country to award nursing scholarships to working nurses.  

I'm Giving Scholarships --  Giving Back !

  •     Working Nurse Scholarships -- This scholarship is intended for working nurses seeking to achieve higher education.
  •     Excellence in Neuroscience Scholarships -- This scholarship is for working neuroscience nurses in ED, ICU, Neuroscience Units, and Neuroscience Clinics.
  •     Entrepreneurial Nursing Scholarships -- This scholarship is for nurses interested in started health-related, nurse-led businesses.  A nurse does not need to be devoting full time effort toward business ownership -- part-time, weekend, or occasional entrepreneurial work satisfies the candidacy requirement. 
Welcome to Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd.
  • To shine a light that the world's public can witness nurses' contributions to the health of people of all ages, genders, cultures, and locations.
  • To educate nurses and honor their work.