Pamela Jane Nye
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Nursing Innovation is in its infancy in the United States, there is much growth needed in the nursing profession.  As an intrapreneur, entrepreneur and inventor, I'm committed to opening the eyes of today's nurses to the possibilities.  

Nursing innovation is doing something old in a new way or discovering something new to improve efficiency, reduce cost, save time or effort for the betterment of the healthcare world.  

Intrapreneurs are nurses working as employees in a business, i.e. hospital, clinic, college who are great project managers.  Nurses, as boots on the ground, see gaps in processes that interfere with seamless nursing care.  Nurses are masters of the "work around" which viewed through a different lens is the foundation of innovation.  

Nurse inventors are an unusual breed, masters at creating a product which is either not available or not adequate to meet a need.  It was a nurse who invented the Crash Cart after realizing inefficiency of running back and forth to the supply room during a Code Blue in the hospital.  Viola!  A nurse inventor was born.

Entrepreneurs work outside the protective/restrictive walls of the hospital. They profit from their successes, make their own decisions, create their work schedules, and determine their fees/income. 
Nurses in Business...
▪️ Coach nurses to obtain professional certifications.
▪️ Consult with attorneys who need an expert nurse review medical records and interpret findings.
​▪️ Advise architects on laying out a new construction where nurses will work.
​▪️ Teach weight reduction classes for your community.
​▪️ Provide mobile services when disabled patients can't come to an office for care.

Services you offer based on your expertise are only limited by your imagination!