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Want to join our monthly Zoom meetings?

Contact me through:
[email protected]

I do a 4 hour seminar for novice future nurse business owners.  Here is the curriculum:
I. What is a Nurse Entrepreneur
II. Setting Up a Business
III. Success is Learning from Mistakes
IV. Nurse Opportunities

My other coursework includes, 1 hr classes:
"Funding My Business"
"The Art of Writing a Business Plan"
"Grant Writing for Novices"
Los Angeles Nurse Network 
Notes for You
The L.A. Nurse Network is designed for nurses to present their good work.  Inexperienced nurses learn from more experienced nurses, get feedback on their projects, and locate mentors.

Experienced nurses obtain wider distribution of their work and can get others on board with similar projects.  

The beauty of this group?  No membership, no expectation of joining every time, no pressure to attend.  We're busy people come when you can.

Fearful of committing to present?  No need, there is always a backup speaker each month in case of unexpected conflicts.



We meet on Zoom the last Friday of every month at 1200
Email me for a link: [email protected]