"This website was created to communicate with, and continually say Thank You to Nurses - The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare!
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Neuroscience                  Nursing, Ltd.
Welcome to Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd.

Hi, I’m Pamela Nye, CEO of Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd.

        I'd like to begin by saying "thank you" for taking the time to visit my new website, and allowing me to share some of my four plus decades of diverse and ever-changing nursing experience.

        As the finish line of my nursing career approached, I was blessed and privileged to spend those last eight wonderful years at UCLA Medical Center -- the last two as Stroke Coordinator / Neuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist at UCLA’s Santa Monica Hospital.

        Concurrently, I was also an Associate Professor teaching in the Nurse Practitioner Program for the UCLA School of Nursing. If you're  interested, this link will provide a comprehensive summary of my nursing work, education and teaching journey.

         Moving forward, I invite you to use this website for sharing your opinions and ideas about this site, nursing topics specific to you, upcoming seminars and symposiums, as well as sharing nursing stories. 
        With so many changes in the world right now,  my website is under "indefinite construction,"  but feel free to click on the page links as I've approved development preview postings as their occur.  Also, feel free to leave me a note on the Contact page.  

 With admiration and respect,

Pamela Jane Nye / CEO
23823 Malibu Drive, # 50416, Malibu CA 90365
T: (800) 627-6156, Ext. 801
E: [email protected]
"In the beginning ... God created man and woman ..." - The Bible/Book of Genesis
"Then God took the strongest men and women and made them nurses!"- Book of Pam